Combat Zone

Westmoor Lane, Saxilby, LN1 2JW ///lectured.bags.gathering

A more relaxed day Set in classic British woodland; combat zone offers an approachable and family friendly experience that players of all experience levels can enjoy.

By working with Combat Zone Paintball, Lincolnshire Airsoft Club has designed an all-round package, where players of any age can experience a variety of game environments safely.

A collection of landmarks and building structures around the wood reward tactical thinkers, whereas the open clearings and ditches give an advantage to those that work decisively as a team.

With 100+ players, Combat Zone is a social hub where any player can come and make friends.

Combat Zone is a great place for new players to start as it allows them to be eased into the day with a series of shorter “warm up” games that utilise a smaller portion of the site before opening up to the more engaging, larger scale site wide objectives that experienced players will enjoy just as much.

The layout of the site and its ability to be segmented proves attractive to players who wish to experience a real-life interpretation of their favourite videogames. Whether it is a quick game of deathmatch or an intense game of search and destroy, there is something for anyone who wants to put down their controller and pick up something more real.

No matter which playstyle you prefer there is a range of engagement distances and types of cover to choose from, designed to challenge the way we think about how we play.

We understand that with such a variety of play and players, there are many variables to consider when planning the perfect game day. In order to ensure all who visit Combat Zone have an enjoyable day, we utilise our team of highly trained marshals and player-marshals throughout the day. This combination of on and off the field representation ensures that there is always someone nearby, evaluating the situation and ensuring LAC can continuously provide the safety and support that we take so much pride in.

Although this is Lincolnshire Airsoft Club’s longest continuously played site, we strive to perfect our experience not through repetition, but by experimentation. The carefully crafted environment provides LAC a canvas to explore different styles of play as we continue to develop with every game we play. Combat Zone has been home to mil-sim, skirmish and speedsoft players alike and brings different communities together under the united banners of airsoft and sportsmanship.

Our secure safe zone has a shop, toilets and is always staffed to provide peace of mind and to all who are considering airsoft as a new player, our team of staff and members are dedicated to helping you have the best day possible.

Lincolnshire Airsoft Club - Having fun since 2008!